Canon 1DX Mark II - Gerhard Weldhagen

A whole lot has been said and written about this new camera from Canon and many excellent technical reviews can be read elsewhere. These are my thoughts about its useful features from a bird photographer`s perspective.

Good points

High speed shutter at 14 frames per second continuous shooting - most useful for fast action and flight sequences.

61 Autofocus points supported at f/8 max aperture - ideal for use with f4 super-telephoto lens + 2X tele-extender for more reach.

Autofocus points light up red in the viewfinder - easy to see, select and move AF points around.

Improved AI Servo AF algorithm - choose from 6 customizable cases to suit your shooting style.

AF micro-adjustment - ± 20 settings for up to 40 different lenses or lens / tele-extender combinations.

Quick control screen - fast easy access to change settings during a shoot.

Electronic Level - very useful when shooting water birds to keep images aligned with the water level.

400,000 Count shutter durability rating - at full shooting speed you may get there faster than anticipated.

LP-E19 battery pack with backwards compatibility - the bigger battery improves lens focus drive.

Sturdy built - this weather resistant body can handle rough field conditions well.

Bad points

Dual slots for CF and CFast memory cards - can be easily confused during a busy shoot.

Noisy shutter - at full shooting speed the rattling noise created by the shutter mechanism can scare some birds away.

Weight - this can be an issue when handholding large telephoto lenses or when carrying the camera for considerable distances.

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